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Hamza fixed my blog!

For those that care, my blog was a glitchy mess for a while there. Since its inception it wouldn't show up unless you had a direct link to each of the posts but now it's here and I am a happy panda.

kind of like this panda but not as adorable

I'd like to thank rexwolf2 for asking Hamza about it. I love how I asked Hamza about it but he didn't look into it until rexwolf2 said something. I'm pretty sure we all know what this means, folks. The shark is a sexist.

My boyfriend is telling me that I look like a Berkeley student from the 90's so I have to go kick his ass now but hopefully time will be found to write about the wonders of wondercon in the near future. Just wanted to gloat over my functioning blog for a moment.
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Hello, my name is Jenn and I'm a lover of games and student-dentist in SF. I live with my boyfriend (Max), our idiotic cat-monster (Brinkjob) and a classmate of mine from dental school (Sam). We drink too much and think too little. Or is it the other way around?

Fantasy games are my favorite. If I had to score Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced I would give it "BLOWJOBS/10" because reasons. I picked up Skyrim and proceeded to get into fights with Max over whose turn it was for the next 3 months. Sometimes we're best friends but usually I just need him to SHUT THE FUCK UP I WANT TO BE A LIZARD WIZARD, AGHH.

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