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PAX, The Eastening

Hi Destructoid. Nice to meet you. I'm going to talk about ... Apologies for the dirty jpeg. I'll get the hang of this someday. The inaugural PAX East was my fifth PAX (for those who went, I was in the Batman sweatshirt, the one who aske...


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Morgan Dempsey, 26/F/CA, programmer, master's student, aspiring author, hobbyist baker, fire enthusiast, music aficionado, comics reader, and all-around nerd.

Favorite Genres
- Adventure
- Survival Horror
- Puzzle
- Fighter (3D)

Favorite Games
- Metroid Series
- Zelda Series
- Silent Hill 1 & 2
- Resident Evil Series
- Portal

Games I've Played Through More Than Once
- Silent Hill 2
- Super Metroid
- Metroid Prime
- Portal
- Ocarina of Time
- Super Mario Land
- Kirby's Dreamland