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Annoy FFIV dev team through the power of internet

Do you have questions about theupcoming remake of Final Fantasy IV? Would you like to have thos questions answered by the development team? Well now you can. If you already have a Square Enix Members account then you can go here here and...


New RIZ-ZOAWD Screens from Famitsu

I dont know if anyone here has been following the progress of Wizard of OZ based JRPG (Yes it is as cool as it sounds) RIZ-ZOAWD but since I havent seen any news about it either in the cBlogs or on the main page I tought it was my time to...


Those Crazy Japanese.

This is more than likely staged and you've probably seen it already but for those of you who havent here it is in a perfectly embeded player that saves you the trouble of having to go all the way to YouTube to watch it. Enjoy.


Big Daddy Battle = Kickass

Was playing Bioshock yesterday when I managed to initiate a kick ass battle between two Big Daddies. Presumably Im not the first person to see something like this but I hadnt heard of this happening before and tought id post it because of t...


Jealousy will get you nowhere.

There will always be arguments between fanboys. Be they Sony, Ms or Ninty fanboys they will always have the same idiotic view on things that their console is down and out the best console there is an nothing you could say could change tha...


Beggin' For Halo 3

I know Halo 3 is gonna be huge and I know its already sold over a million copies in pre-orders and maybe Master Chief is "teh secks" but I still dont think I would go begging for it. (Maybe for Bioshock)


What else am I missing out on?

A couple of months ago I traded in my PS2 because Gamestop were giving me a good deal (a PS2 and 4 games and get an Xbox 360 premium system for 200). A few weeks ago I bought another PS2 off one of my friends for 50. Overll it was a wor...


At long last its done.

After a very very long wait my Bioshock Demo finally downloaded and I have to say it was definately worth the wait. From the moment it starts the atmosphere is like nothing that you've ever ecperienced in a game before. The journey down t...


Beautiful Katamari Demo on XBL

And i cant play it coz the bloody thing is only available in US, Canada and Mexico. Not to mention the fact thatI still have a long way to go with my Bioshock download. At least I know now that there is a demo coming out and will remain an...


Penny Arcade on XBLA

The September issue of EGM apparently has an article on some of the licensed games coming out this year. Among which it lists the new Penny Arcade game on Xbox Live Arcade. I dont think theres been any confirmation of this yet but consideri...


Banjo Hero

Now if this was released as downloadable content I might consider actually buying some.


My pokemans are on teh internets

Easily one of the most annoying things that can (and usually does) happen is that a console that is supposedly easy to set up online takes hours, days or weeks to actually get connected. This happened with my 360 and more recently with my...


More Black Zombie BS

Now i assume at this stage that we all know that Capcom are an evil, racist organisation full of white supremasists (despite the company being Japanese). This has been further proved by their latest game trailer for RE5 whcih shows that t...


The uber NES collection on Ebay

There it is. The largest collection of NES games I have ever seen in my life. The best thing about it is that it can be all yours for a little more than free. Sorry did I say free I meant a little more than $7,000. So anyone with a work...


Tournemon FTW

The newest part of PA's Tournemon series is one of the funniest Ive seen in a long time. I would like to thank them for proving that there is a funny side to Paedophilia. [dedicated to all the pokemon fighting for us in afghanistan and ...


Penny Arcade Game Trailers

Theres been a couple of new RSPOD trailers put up on Gametrailers. Sice I cant embed them and cant find them on YouTube either I'll just drop a few links to them. Gameplay Trailer Floor Show Trailer Trailer 2(pretty crappy name for a trail...


Cool Lego Things

I have found incontravertible proof that things always look cooler in Lego. 300 Monty Python and The Holy Grail Indiana Jones Thriller


Like Mario? Like Ceiling Fans?

Well now you can have both with the Mario ceiling fan. Its up for auction on eBay at moment. Current bid is $56.00 (just over 40) which aint too bad really. Sadly I cant afford such extravagance. If your gonna get it go the whole hog and...



Isnt that the sexies looking 360 in the whole bloody world. Theres gonna be ten of them given away at Comic-Con this year. Since i cant make it to within 1,000 miles of San Diego im not overly hopeful about getting one. But should any fel...


Freebird 100% on expert? OMFG!!!!!

Its true. Someone out there has either got far too much time on their hands or else just some sort of bionic hand thing goin. One way or the other they are now my new god. While I'm posting this video I may aswell mention the four new tr...


I Gotta Believe!!

Have you ever wanted to get down to Onions Rap or would you like to get driving lessons from Intructor Mooselini? Well now Sony have "graciously" given original Parappa the Rapper soundtrack to PSP fanboy for anyone to download. Who needs ...


God of War PSP

This may be old news to some people and not even news to others but I just saw this God of War themed PSP on Joystiq. It is easily the coolest looking handheld mod ive ever seen. Its on ebay being auctioned off for Charity (15% of of the ...


Uwe Boll's at it again.

Uwe Boll has been described as the worst director since Ed Wood. I would be more inclined to make comparisons with mussolini (hitler actually achieved things) and even though the world hates this man he continues to get work because he's ch...


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