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Pieces Of Cardboard: Nintendo Game Packs

I'm not special enough. I need your love...so I decided why not let myself be a nerd for you. Why not give a glimpse into some of the nerdy stuff I've dug into over the years. You see I'm kind of a collector. I won't say a very big collector considering what I have these days pales in comparison to most peoples collecting habits, plus alot of my stuff has either been sold or lost in the sands of time. With that said though I figured I had still one thing that I could share with people that they might find interesting especially since with almost everything I have it's one piece to a larger deal as far as the whole picture is concerned. See what I'm talking about here is when anything like a major motion picture is released there's always things that go along with said release to promote and hype the hell out of it. In most forms this ends up as stuff like video games, action figures, trading cards, comic books, clothing and apparel......wait what? TRADING CARDS? NO FUCKING WAY.

"Hey Kids! Wanna See Something AWESOME-O?"

Yes Way. Seriously Yes Way. I've actually wanted to do something like this for a while now but I never really had the proper forum to stand upon high and cry out my love for these stupid little pieces of cardboard. I still blame my dad for getting me into something that realistically isn't worth much more than the cardboard they're printed on, but yet after going to numerous card shows and seeing both sport and non-sport cards go for ridiculously high prices (for example a box of the Star Trek TOS Trading Card Set from 1976 once went for a whopping 15 hundred bucks) it's just the collector in me that appreciates what the cards represent in terms of nostalgia for whatever series you buy. Part of the fun of the package is not just the cards themselves but the box they come in, the card wrappings and depending on the series the fun extras!

Since I want to write this about once a month, I can also promise that since these are all older franchises (but franchises none the less) I'll also talk about the video games that are closest associated to the cards in question...with that let's dig into....

Easily the most diverse (and most relevant to Destructoid) card series I own, Topps produced these cards in 1989 due to Nintendo's overwhelming popularity and with the franchises presented on here it's no wonder why. Think of all the classic Nintendo characters and most of the roster is presented here. Infact the series is more based around the games themselves rather than the characters. The only really noticeable omission atleast for 1989 has to be Samus or Metroid.

Games Presented In The Set Include:

Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Double Dragon
Punch Out (sans Mike)
The Legend Of Zelda
The Adventures Of Link

What's even neat-o-er about this set is that it's a scratch off game! YAY! It's not JUST cards, it s a GAME. Most of the scratch off areas feature different icons which are representative to the action in the cards, with variables for encountering death (three fireballs and your dead says one card) or fighting (three swords and you've conquered whatever stands in your way). What's a real shame about these is the fact that most of the scratch off portions being 21 years old...kinda...yeah...get scratched off along with the silver covering stuff. But it's the thought that counts right?

And what is known as an industry standard, what card set would be complete without stickers? You know what's AWESOME-O about this set though? There's like 33 FREAKIN' STICKERS. Standard sets usually offer 11 stickers but not Nintendo Game Packs they go 2 steps above the call of duty. It also kinda bucked the trend when it came to the amount of packs you got in a box too with like 46 packs I think whereas most come in about 36. Neat huh? Learning stuff eh? NICE. Bad thing is the stickers again being 21 years old...kinda don't stick, which is weird because it's not a problem with them being that old it's just the set....plus the stickers are actually like silhouetted peel outs so maybe that's the problem. I once had my T.V. decorated with them.....heavy emphasis on the "once" in that sentence.

And even when you thought this set couldn't offer up enough to satiate your Nintendo Gaming needs, the stickers offer up TIPS on how you can get ahead on Nintendo games! Cause I know for a fact that that I'M STILL STUCK ON BALD BULL! What ever shall I do? Thank the lord Nintendo Game Packs exist!

Dodonga's got you down? Nintendo Game Packs have the answer

The Video Game Equivalent

I figured since I did such a good job with this I'd skip over this section...besides I'm pretty sure we've all played Super Mario Bros and The Legend Of Zelda.

So to kinda wrap things up, what'dya think? Sure this blog is the easiest because it's frickin' retro Nintendo, but would you want me to share more? I can kinda see it becoming very picture oriented but almost every set I have can be in someway related to a video game counter part and I figure it'd be fun. Also one final note, I apologize if these come out really cropped to all hell but the camera I'm borrowing I had no idea how to change the setting until AFTER I finished this. I'm hoping the new setting yields better pictures so in short, my bad.


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