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Introducing Retro Fight Nights - Coming Soon!

From the company I keep here on Destructoid and beyond, gaming feels somewhat like a disposable hobby. Of course I know I'm not exactly exempt from this mentality but it seems pretty prevalent between the gaming community to, and allow me to quote a Foo Fighters song here, be "done, done, I'm onto the next one, done, I'm done and I'm onto the next". It's totally understandable, gaming is at a point where there are a ton of exciting and fun new titles coming to home console and PC. It really is ridiculous how good we have it as members of the gaming community. However have you ever wanted to revisit your favourite games of yesterday? Ever been upset to see that on the FNF it's always the latest iteration and not the "best" iteration of your favourite gaming series? That's where Retro Fight Nights comes in. Inspired by this front page post where a few people commented they had the game but never tried it's online, Retro Fight Nights are dedicated to the long forgotten, the ill concieved, or the classics we'd love to revisit with a few friends.

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