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Chuck Greene, Psychopath


I won't lie, this was sort of inspired by Disco's latest blog 'No GTA IV' but definitely not as much testing was put into it. I realized early on that to really appreciate the limits of a game you have to use your imagination and when a game sticks to a rigid formula you may even have to use your imagination to create your own story.

Fighting through hordes of the undead had become too much for Chuck Greene. Seeing the wantant death and destruction, something in his mind snapped. Chuck ceased being Chuck and became something else. Voiceless, blood soaked apron clinging tightly to his protruding chest, mining gloves fitted heavily over his arms clutching to whatever bludgeoning fury he could find. Chuck became a less of a man and more of an entity. He was dubbed "The Shape" and his streak of terror on the Fortune City strip knew no bounds even during a zombie outbreak.

One of the neat things I've found about these costume pac
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