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Being Canadian During Grunge's Height [NVGR]

Hey gang. It's literally been one month and a day since I wrote a blog. An actual blog that wasn't just about this week's Friday Night Fights. Originally I was going to write a thank you blog to one "Occams Electric Toothbrush" because I recently received a package in the mail from him. Sadly my camera plans fell through and instead I'm going to write this. A music blog. It's been a while! You've been warned. This has NOTHING to do with Video Games!

This one is a little more personal, in that I'm going to share a few bands that stuck with me during my teenage years and the few that have transcended the adolescent gap. We all share unique and personal experiences, but it's also very true of region and country. Some of these bands I'm sure you've heard but others will definitely be new because growing up in Canada, we were exposed or had pushed upon us a different set of musical acts. While you were I'm sure, mildly annoyed by Alanis Morrisette rest assured we couldn't escape her here in Canada. Jagged Little Pill seeped into our pours and hearing about how fucking ironic everything made us all a little neurotic here in Canada. But through the pure shit there were shiny nuggets. Granted, this is taken from the perspective of a teenager...a Canadian no less...at the height of Grunge.

The Tea Party

In alot of ways, people kind of saw "The Tea Party" as the musical equivalent of "Rush" in that they were an amazingly talented band on all fronts. What I respected about the Tea Party musically was that they literally changed the tuning for almost all of their songs. In an age where most musicians (self included) are too lazy/uneducated to change their tuning beyond the standard and without artificial help, it showed that lead singer/guitarist Jeff Martin was willing to experiment with his sound and had the knowledge to do so. Also, it doesn't hurt that The Tea Party were originally from my neck of the woods, Windsor, Ontario. Their style of progressive rock (sounding very much like Zepplin helps!) probably makes them stick out abit more from the rest of the bands on this list, but rest assured they were a really rocking and attention grabbing band at the time that actually evolved their sound into more experimental/industrial areas later in their careers.

Love "The River". Has a really catchy chorus.

My first real encounter with a memorable use of palm muting.

Treble Charger - self=title

Treble Charger was a band that went on to gain some sort of mainstream success in the Canadian market. My friend was a fan, but after their debut album, I really really lost interest in this band. Nothing could match the raw power and harmony of their self titled 7 song debut EP. So with that mind, personally I can't recommend their later stuff really because and maybe it was jaded teenager me, but they never sounded as sincere about their music as they did with their first album. The rest of their music seemed to scream for mainstream attention and just seemed almost too poppy. They lost that raw edge. My favourite tracks out of the whole 7 songs are the first two, "Morale" and "Even Grable". The latter's music video is ingrained in my brain (dude's wearing a 'Kraft' T-Shirt!) having taped it off of Much Music. Treble Charger was actually pretty good about sharing the spotlight with fellow Canadians. They even featured Avril Lavigne and Derek Whilby (of Sum 41) in one of their videos. This album is more what Canadian Grunge sounded like. Abit wussier.

Probably my favourite song on the album. I always loved the post-chorus hook they threw in there.

This video is so mid 90's Canadian Grunge. Plus it features a cameo by Hayden! Who is Hayden? Let's find out!


Hayden is without a doubt my favourite on this little self imposed list of bands too Canadian to be remembered by anyone whose not Canadian. Unlike alot of the bands mentioned here, Hayden is still going strong. He's a folk singer, who upon his arrival on the music scene during the "height of alt rock" in 1995, he was known mostly for his way downtuned guitar strings that allowed for that buzz rattle you hear when you know you've loosened a string too much. Hayden also as a unique voice that oozes SOUL people. If there were ONE ARTIST ON THIS LIST I'D RECOMMEND YOU ALL GET INTO, IT'D BE HAYDEN. He's such a good song writer. There are so many song's I'd love to recommend, but I'd say do yourself a favour and just scoure YouTube. Here Are A Few From his first album.

Hayden's first hit (and song) off his debut album. My friend Richard absolutely loved this song back in the day.

This song gets chopped up abit, apologies but check out the soul of that voice.

Beautiful Song

Rusty - Fluke

Fun Fact: In the movie "Black Sheep" when Chris Farley and David Spade's characters borrow their friend's police car, they start headbanging to a song that keeps stopping and starting at weird times. The song in question is called "Punk" by a little known band from Nova Scotia called "Rusty". Rusty were a band that even my fellow Canadian's can't remember all that well. Their first major label release "Fluke" had most of their hits, like California and Wake Me...well hits to us Canadians. If you've never heard of Rusty here's another door opened to Canadian alt. rock culture. Come on in! I personally always loved the song Misogyny and along with the aformentioned Wake Me and California, those three songs all had professionally shot music videos which have been lost to time sadly. With that however I present with you with 3 songs from their Snow Job '96 appearance....an appearance I ironically taped back when it was live so this stuff REALLY brings back memories. I have an actual copy of Rusty's Fluke album, but should you ever see it in stores I highly recommend picking it up. Rusty eventually went onto more "country" roots. Apparently I couldn't appreciate that at the time.

Still love this song, it's heavy is fuck.

As featured in "Black Sheep"

This was a song that featured alot on Much Music at the time of release (1996).

That's pretty much it. I was going to write more, but besides one song by Limblifter, I'm thinking I've written enough to hopefully share some new awesome jams with you guys. These guys were definitely big parts of my music heritage in mid to late 90's grunge rock whatever. Perhaps not exactly the most polished or unique bands, what makes them unique atleast to me is mostly their location and the time they broke out into the scene. I love them all and I hope you guys dug reading this enough to go out and seek them out yourselves, or maybe I could send you some stuff! They're all pretty neat! I'm rambling, thanks guys!
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