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360 FNF: Bringing Back Some Class...On My Xbox LIVE!


Gareth here, it's been a while since I posted one of these so it's nice to be back in the big comfy chair. Remarkably the place looks the same....damn it who left that coffee laying there! Why is this seat so wobbly now? This floor is sticky! Damn it Sephiroth...if that IS your real name. It takes a certain type of class to do the Dtoid FNF, not incoherent Macho Mans and WWE ramblings....a certain type of class I'm bringing back right now.

I've felt for a while now that we here on the Destructoid Friday Night Fights have needed a rallying cry, a theme song if you will to let us know that it is indeed that time again and what better way to let people know than we be playing video games than by tellin' em it's "okay though, you'll play Halo" or that you'll "play Black Ops, on your Xbox Live". Set to the tune of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" I give you Mr. Punch. Your lives will be changed forever and maybe just maybe with the help of the book of love you'll be able to fix your broken wings.

Every Friday, a few Destructoid readers host Xbox 360 games online and you're welcome to join. If you're new to the whole thing, here's how it works: First, things are planned in the forums. Just look for the 360 FNF post with the coming Friday's date and you'll find a rough schedule for that week. Sometime on Friday, a post will go up in the cblogs. If you want to get into things, leave your Xbox Live Gamertag in the forums and/or cblog comments and let us know where you'll be participating

8:00pm EDT - Left 4 Dead 2

Yo Dawg Maria. If you got that zombie killin' itch why not join me for an endless bloodbath of undead dismemberment...Left 4 Dead...it gets gory!
Host: garethxxgod (GT: garethxxgod)

8:00pm EDT - You Don't Know Jack

Caiters is betting that you Don't Know Jack, but I believe in you because even if you don't, you probably know a John, Jacques or Jacob
Host: Caiters (GT: Six Is A Robot)

9:00pm EDT - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Forum Admin, Comic Book Guru and Ken Foree enthusiast Mxyzptlk is betting you can't stab him before he can stab you in some AssCreedBroHo. Just watch out for the Poison...ohhh the Poison!
Host: Mxyzptlk (GT: MrMxyzptlk123)

9:00pm EDT - Halo: Reach

Feeling down and out? Oatmeal Ninja has you covered with some Reach. Remember it IS okay though...we'll play HALO.
Host: xOatmealNinjaxX (GT: xOatmealNinjaxX)

10:00pm EDT - King Of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match

King Of Fighters? What is this, 2002? SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Epic wants to fight you. Will you accept the challenge? Do you even have KOF2002?
Host: Epic-KxDtoid (GT: Epic KxLIVE)

11:00pm EDT - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops

We Shoot People....In The Face. Then there's a tinglling sensation...down there. Come play Black Ops on my Xbox Live!
Host: garethxxgod (GT: garethxxgod)

And as you finish reading let the soothing words of Mister Mister carry you home...to fix those broke ass wings.

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