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360 F,S & SNF: Gears 2, 20X XP Weekend Edition

Sorry I'm late on this. Whenever I jump from Destructoid's Toilet Edition on my iPod Touch to my crappy PC, the difference is noticable. For instance, I set out to start this at 4:00pm and I'm writing this first paragraph at 4:30pm. Shitty no?

This week on the agenda? Well some of us has set upon to take advantage of Epic Games latest offering to Gears Of War 2 players. This weekend all Multiplayer games get 20 Times the XP normally earned. I started yesterday playing rounds with Corduroy Turtle at Level 19 and by days end I was Level 43. On the flipside Corduroy started at Level 62 and was Level 64 by the time we finished, so dig in for the grind people...it's about to get rough!

Epic Games has stated the 20X XP runs from July 22nd 12:30pm EST till July 25th 8:00pm EST. Requirements state you must have an Gold Membership to take advantage of this!

In celebration of this, I've decided to actually extend the 360 Friday Night Fights to encompass the entire weekend, since things are pretty loosey goosey here on the 360 side what that means is if you decide you want to host some stuff, let me know in the comments and it shall be added to the lineup!

XBOX 360 Friday, Saturday & Sunday Night Fights
(note: none of these are set in stone, I can't always guarantee everyone will be where they say they will be at the exact times, self included. If you are disappoint host a game!

Gears Of War 2 (20X XP Weekend)
Time: 9pm EST Till Whenever
Host: Me (GT: garethxxgod) or...?

Time: 5pm EST Till Whenever
Host: Me or...?

Time: 2pm EST Till 8pm EST
Host: Me or....?

(insert game here)
(insert Friday, Saturday or Sunday or multiple days here)
(insert time here)
(insert name and GT here, whose hosting, COULD IT BE YOU?)
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