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Yo Lemon, Where You Been?


Salutations, Intertoid!

When an "IRC regular" like myself hops into the Dtoid IRC, and is met with surprIse, I know that I've been neglecting Dtoid for the past couple of months. Of course, the obvious question to pose is "Lemon, where you been man?"

I've been busy as fuck.

The neglect started around January, but that was because I had SATs in February, and needed a bunch of time to prepare. I ended up with a 2010. Not too bad, but I'm retaking it in June. Of course, right after the SAT ended, I started preparing for the ACT in March. 33. Much better. Around April, some a kerfuffle went down at Ripten HQ, and yours truly started getting paid. I sold out- I'm making ones of dollars now, yo. But payment was based on posts, so I increased the amount of time I spent writing. Then AP finals rolled around, and shit just got heavy. By this time,I kind of just drifted away from Dtoid. But I never actually left Dtoid, I've just been lurking on the front page mostly. No joke- for the longest time, I forgot the Dtoid blogs ever existed. I've been living vicariously through CTZ, Colette, and Nick Chester's Twitters for so long, I decided it was back to return to my roots.

So what's been going on since I've been gone? I see Operation Cowzilla 4 Editor was a success, Nex is still posting spiders engaged in interspecies coitus, and Robert Summa is still a successful TV star. (Seriously, did you see the LOST finale? I winced when Summa was hit in the head.) Any major trolls hit the Dtoid pipeline? Any major art projects? (Besides the art project account and Mikey's comic- I've been keeping up with those very carefully. :) )

Speaking of art projects, I figured it was time to give back to the community that's given so much to me. Here's what I'm currently working on. It's still a work in progress, but it'll probably look much smoother than that when it's done. It's clay!

I'll see you sumbitches at the Screw Attack Gaming Convention in July. For reals this time. #1_in_the_hood_G!!!

[you can find me on those innernets]
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