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Best Freeware Platformers of 2007

IndieGames.com have posted their top 20 best freeware platformers of 2007. Because there are free, you can try them all! So if you are feeling sad because you don't have anything to play, try these out! Best Freeware Platformers 2007 1....


Steve Jobs' Keynote leaked?

Pocket-lint.co.uk found what looks like to be Steve Jobs' keynote speech leaked via Wikipedia. If it's true, it actually is not a bad keynote. Highlights are a 16GB iPhone for $499. The details and release of a SDK for the device. Which m...


Tokyo dancing Stormtrooper

Today is a holiday in Japan to celebrate the Seijin No Hi or "Coming of Age Day". It's a public holiday to celebrate that some of the teenagers can now legally smoke, drink alcohol and other "adult" things. Some Japanese teenagers get a b...


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