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The Exquisite Fairies That Turn Up In Winx Games


Most of the teens and children, perhaps know about the popular cartoon program, Winx Club. The recognition of this program also leads to the creation of many flash games. Obviously, the characters, which have been seen in the cartoon, are also added to the games. Now, before playing the games, it is better to have an introduction of those characters.


As a daughter of Marion and Oritel, Bloom appears in many of the popular Winx Club games. You can also find her elder sister, Daphne in the games. Daphne has given her Dragon's Flame, after she was born. Mike is the adaptive father of Bloom, and Bloom knows nothing about her real origin. Her friend Selina is very intimate to her, and plays with her during the childhood. If Bloom is your favorite character, you may not now try out Winx Bloom. In some games, you have the role of introducing some action to Bloom, who is feeling lazy.


Another love fairy, interesting to the kids, is Musa, who is an elf of Music. Though she seems to be quite shy, she likes to play with Winx buddies. If you look at the bedroom of Musa, you can see several musical instruments, and other music-related objects. She has a dream of singing those songs, which have been written by her mom. Thus, while playing Winx game online, you may meet Musa. You have to change the makeover of Musa in order to ensure your talents in the world of fashion. You may use makeup on her face and body in all the possible ways. Besides, you can also help her to put on the most beautiful outfit so that Musa can get an amazing look.


She is the best friend of Musa, and is also a beautiful fairy in the domain of technology. So, the children, who are tech lovers, may prefer this fairy. Tecna has a passion to deal with the tabs, computers and similar other devices. Blue is the most preferred color of Tecna. As Tecna has significant interest on mainly technology, she has not any good idea on fashion. So, she wants your help and ideas for the best makeup. Dress-up games with Tecna are very interesting.


She is another much-loved elf of glowing Sun, and she is always eager to do shopping all the time. Stella and Brandon together form the best couple. The pals of Stella often want her to give some suggestions and tips on choosing the attractive accessories and clothing.  In fact, Stella is highly innovative, and she considers that the development of exceptional style is a wonderful fun.

So, you have to choose your outfits to get her ready for outings. Give her the most attractive look by picking a distinctive hairstyle, a vibrant dress, and bright accessories. She will obviously appear as a lovable doll.

There are many other stunning fairies, with whom the children may play their games.

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