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rock band dlc reviews

i have drunk friends who are rockbandless. they buy me songs. let me know if you guys find this at all useful, and i'll do some more. if there's certain info you'd find helpul thats missing, just let me know, and i'll try to improve. but DLC ain't free, so hopefully i can help you weed out the goods from the meh.

Oasis Song Pack

cost: 500 points

tracks: live forever, wonderwall, don't look back in anger

i'm an oasis fan, have been for quiet a while. the three tracks should be familiar to most, and as songs, i can recommend any of the 3. as a pack, its too much of the same, as far as song structure is concerned. live forever is incredibly easy, and its a good purchase if your looking to get the flawless drumming achievement (i'm not that amazing yet, and i 100% it in about 2 days). wonderwall is always a blast to sing along to, and for some reason i find the guitar part challenging (one of the few songs i own that i can play on real guitar, its actually much harder in rock band). don't look back in anger is probably the most complex musically, and has an excellent chorus. if your a fan, go with the whole pack, if your only gonna get one song, i'd go for live forever.

Police Pack

Cost: 500 MS Points

Songs: roxanne, can't stand losing you, syncronicity II

yes, yes, yes! if you own rock band, and don't own the police pack, your an ass. roxanne is hands down the most fun you can have on the mic. bust out your eddie murphy 48 hours impressions and go to town. can't stand losing you is probably one of the best breakup songs of all time, and syncronicity is an amazingly fun song to play the guitar along to. all 3 tracks have amazing bass parts as well, which can be hard to come by.

Metallica Pack

price: 500 ms points

songs: blackened, ride the lightning, ...and justice for all

i'm not a big metallica fan, the only track i really know of the 3 listed above is blackened. i will tell you this much, if you think the note charting in most rb tracks is too easy, pick up the metallica pack. challenging on all instruments for sure, and the drumming can get downright vicious.

Greatful Dead: Song Pack 1

Cost: 800 MS Points

songs: sugar magnolia, truckin, casey jones, china cat sunflower, franklin's tower, i need a miracle

800 points for 6 songs is a lot of bang for your buck. 3 of the songs are downright amazing (sugar magnolia, truckin, casey jones) and the others can be just as fun to play. some of my friends are deadheads, so we bought the pack, and i can't complain. the songs tend to be on the longer side, and for the most part, the instrumentation isn't too difficult. since the dead can be jammy, regardless of which instrument you choose, your gonna hit a tricky section, but they all appear to be pretty managable so far.

Black Sabbath Pack

cost: 500 points

songs: sweet leaf, n.i.b., war pigs

sometimes you wanna rock. hard. these are my go to tracks, b/c as mentioned earlier, not a big metallica fan. but you really can't play enough sweet leaf or war pigs. what can be said about sabbath? what needs to be said? nothing. if you want it, and your a fan, you won't be dissapointed.
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