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replay editor wishlist for skate.

god i love this game, seriously, i've played it to death.

yesterday was the first time i really used the replay editor, and its pretty robust. any professional action sports athelete (ugh, i just threw up in my mouth a little) will tell you, while competitions expose the company and put your name on the map, a good video part is what makes you the shit in the eyes of the rest of the community.

now a good video part doesn't need to be the most technical, or even the best shot. its a combination of a few things, how well the music matches the skating, the camera angles and effects used, and of course the skating as well.

skate 2 defiantely needs the ability to edit more than a clip. it would be amazing to create your own little skate video, edit the tricks, insert a soundtrack, and have a really fleshed out video.

there should also be the concept of a 'camera man'. this would make an amazing coop experience. when skaters film, its not uncommon to have a second skater follow behind with the camera, and getting the best shots while skating can be just as demanding as pulling the tricks. imagine filming a hill bomb, and having to manage your speed to keep up with your buddy, all the while trying to capture the best footage. do away with the multiple camera angles, and allow a 'budget' when in film mode, and allow the player to position cameras and lighting throughout a location.

sounds like a good time to me! and an excellent addition to make skate2 more than just a new world to explore.
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