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how much fun can you really have in a sandbox?

You place some children in a sandbox and they see infinite possibilities. maybe its a bakery where they'll whip up some serious pies and cakes. maybe they'll build a series of castles, with intricate moats and underground passageways. not me. i can do two things. build piles, and dig holes.

what does this have to do with gaming?

everything! i was watching some shit, who knows it was after work and i was under the influence. and i saw someone ranting about how gamers want more freedom, they want huge open worlds where they can generate content. i want that too, or at least i think i do, but then i realize, i don't have an inch of creativity in my body. you can give me everything, i'm gonna dig holes, and make piles.

i've completed the career in skate 3 times now. i've seen the entire world, i know where the spots i like to session are, and they offer me a free skate mode, where i can tune AI activity and do as i please. what do i choose to do? start the career again and do the same rigid goals. skate the same spots. i need to be told what to do. i need a challenge, so i get that feeling of reward when i complete it. i'm not content with just exploring. i think its part of who i am as a gamer. i never spent time in the arcades exploring a maze in pacman. i didn't play contra to take in the scenery or appreciate shooting guns. i played to beat the challenge set out before me. if there's no challenge, nothing to compete with, the game won't hold my attention.

could you play a game with no clearly defined goals? would it hold your attention for more than a few minutes?
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