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darwin in action

Motus Games. website has been updated with screens and video of what may be the rumored motion controller for the xbox360.

while MS adding a motion controller to the xbox 360 screams 'me-too', the guys at motus have been at this for a long time. how long? try 2001 long. even though their technology predates the wii by nearly half a decade, this thing looks to be light years ahead. no dependency on IR receivers and a unique split controller approach, that as per their video demo of lego star wars displays, can apparently be used by more than one player.

we'll have to wait and see what they have in store for us, but this thing should be in your hands within a year. apparently they've been shipping dev kits for quite some time, and their site has quite a cocky swagger in its manner of informing the reader that the darwin sdk is already in the hands of all big name developers.

here's the lego star wars demo mentioned previously:

and here's tiger 08, i like the tiger series, and actually enjoy it on the wii, so this has me pretty pumped. it was always very difficult to judge power with the wii controller.

what do you think? wiikiller or copycat cry for help?
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