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Gamers Guide To Surviving Super Bowl Sunday

I get it. You like video games and sports are lame. Sometimes we have to do things that we otherwise wouldn't consider. Like spending money on games for other people around Christmas, informing a girl of all the diseases your carrying after...


getting ready to skate too.

a little something to tide you over til later today. also, chris haslam is simply filthy. honestly, this guy pulls stuff that is more ridiculous than anything your landing in a video game.


what's NXEt?

aside from dyslexia, the arrival of the NXE and netflix paints a promising future for xbox 360 owners. in a recent article on Gizmodo, Shane Kim makes mention of wanting to bring Hulu to Xbox Live. Makes sense to me, Hulu gets more revenue ...


hey shmup fans and psp owners..

this is quite the week! for $9.99 a piece you can pick up Super Stardust Portable and Everyday Shooter. This may be old hat to some of you folks with your big bad bluray boxes, but i ain't got one yet, and this was my first chance to get my...


is building hype worth the raping?

so its no secret. lots of us enjoy left 4 dead. valve fans, fps fans, and hardcore gamers have all been chomping at the bit to get their dose of co-op zombie shooting. they've got the press eating out of their hands, the fan's clamoring ove...


i see your pandora, and raise you one EVO

not all open source platforms become vaporware dammit! with the moderate success of the gamepark handhelds, it looks like a market is surfacing for the gamer whose not afraid to do it themselves. the next entry to the market may well be the...


nintendo: pioneers of DLC (cereally)

Guess what console was the first to offer some form of DLC. The XBOX right? With the launch of the Xbox Live service, people where finally able to pay $5 and get some Pacmans. Wrong! How about the SNES back in 1995. Shenanigans you cry. I d...


if you build it, they will cum.

From the BenHeck forums comes a man after all our hearts. Forum poster Hailrazer has gone and made a beautiful hand-held Dreamcast. To sweeten the deal it vaguely resembles a storm trooper helmet. Watch the video, drool in envy, hope that ...


No gods or kings, only C-MACC

what happens when you stuff every game ever inside what appears to be a NeoGeo candy cabinet? C-MACC happens. C-MACC stands for Complete - Multi Arcade Console Computer System, and that's exactly what it is. If you have about $9000 burning ...


galaga legions: my 2 cents

Did you know i really enjoy Galaga? no, seriously. it's one of my all time favorite games. from the simplicity of the enemy patterns, to that feeling of 'fuck me up the ass' everytime one of those little blue and yellow bastards make the re...


instant replay: virtua tennis

i'm not a huge fan of sports games, but while many people fondly look back at the dreamcast as the best console to get accurate ports of their favorite arcade games, for me, it was the the first console to get me back into sports games sinc...


Ninja Baseball Batman!

no thats not random Japanese. though it may as well be. i'm falling for the castle crashers hype, so to tide me over, i've been playing a ton of classic, and not so classic brawlers lately. this one falls into the could have possibly been a...


wii homebrew: officially wiitard-proof

So if you STILL haven't taken the plunge into wii homebrew, you've officially run out of excuses. the wiibrew pack generator is your new best friend. go forth, click what you want, and it preps a file you plunk right into the root of your ...


next-gen consoles and the future of the arcade

So toward the end of last week a fairly intelligent and interesting conversation was had by a few community members on their impressions of what the next generation of consoles will deliver. We were all pretty much in agreement that this ge...


galagabug p.s.a: go forth and calibrate!

So me and my HDTV recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary. i had beer, and it decided to stop displaying blacks as vividly as it used to. i put up for this for a while, it doesn't bother me too much when watching movies and television, b...


darwin in action

Motus Games. website has been updated with screens and video of what may be the rumored motion controller for the xbox360. while MS adding a motion controller to the xbox 360 screams 'me-too', the guys at motus have been at this for a long...


rock band 3 speculation

rock band 2 ain't even out yet, but i'm already ready to speculate on rock band 3. with guitar hero entering the 'band simulation' genre, with mechanics in place to create your own tracks of existing music it seems they've got a little lev...


skate it balance controls revealed

its no secret that i liked skate. a lot. as i eagerly look forward to skate 2, the promise of balance board controls on the wii have me looking forward to getting a double dose of skate in the forthcoming months. earlier today, (don't wanna...


i feel bad for speilberg and e.a.

man those guys can't catch a break! pouring thier hearts out into their respective industries, creating nothing but unique products, and truely progressing their arts. not just finding a niche and pounding it like houston in the final leg o...


the 360 gets its first 'proper joystick'

love xbox live arcade but hate the dpad on the standard controllers? wish you had arcade quality joysticks for some vitrua fighter or sf IV action? hori finally steps up and releases the Pro Ex. button layout looks good, and hori has a v...


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