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i've been drinking

i have had a few beers tonight with a friend who happens to be part of the canadian forces. he went to Afghanistan and all. because this is one of my childhood friends, we like to play some badass old school games. like king of dragons (sne...


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El Gabriel Gonzalez-Rubio

22 years old Mexican French Canadian Organ Donner

Avid Destructoid fan, but way too lazy to contribute, therefore most of my post, appearances, discussions, streaking, blog entries, etc. will be fuel by alcohol.

Possibly Playing:
-Persona 4
-The Legend Of Zelda:Master Quest
-Megaman 2
-Super Smash Brothers Brawl

-Metal Saga
-Your mom

Obscure: the Aftermath is on my TO DON'T list as i've played it for a bit it judged it godawful, also my friend found the first melee weapon in the game and spent the following hour beating on me with it without advancing to the next room.