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First Blog: Mirror's Edge Demo Impressions

This is the first thing i've actually done to contribute to this site and here...we...go!

Meh, just needed a pic

My first impression was along the lines of "Oooooooo, pretty" For some reason I was reminded of Red Steel ( yes i bought it.) wiith Celeste's movements. Loved the opening animation, and the ambient music in the background, it's simple notes here and there and a good beat going but to me it adds so much. At first I just stayed in one spot admiring the street sounds, watching small pieces of trash float, looking at the sun, then i was off, I've been reading that some people are disliking runner's vision but for me this wasn't a problem. I was certainly impressed with the demo and can not wait for this game to come out. I suppose i'll try and give it a full review when it does

--Thanks for reading kids
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