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Rock Band and John Lennon

Everybody has their favorite Beatle, for me it's Sir McCartney, for that clumsy and humorous friend you got it's Ringo, that other rocker friend you have who don't know if led zeppelin is better than Beatles, well his is Harisson And then ...


And so i join...

Hi people, been a reader for quite some time now, and i actually cant stop to actually read this thing, actually. But anyway, on to the introduction/request I'm a game designer, who is also a crappy programmer (i live in Brazil, and our g...


About gabapenteadoone of us since 4:20 PM on 07.31.2009

I'm a brazilian Game Designer and part time game programmer, i'm also a game musician by hobby and a game cook whenever i have the chance

also, i like shooting people (or at least telling my squads to)

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