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No Maam, Im a real fing boy! (The Black Ops 2 Probation Article)

There are points of contention in this article that are in fact being revised to make the content more salient to readers. These changes will be posted soon. Please note that my intent to contact activision via customer support is not some form of adolescent rage. As many entertainment journalists reach out to the industry seeking answers this is one of many avenues being attempted. If you feel this is an error on my part then it will be removed from the article. Thank you for all of your insightful opinions. It is good to have such great feed back. I posted this article knowing it would likely create a heated debate, but my error was not further reviewing the article to explain these thoughts further before posting. My appologies.

So, there is some concern from my former blog that Im not a real person, but I would like to assure you that that is not true. I do have multiple blogs because I would like to interact with as much of the community as much as possible. If I am to earn any of your attention then I would prefer it be through a respectable means though and not just some viral plugging. As some of you may have seen I am interacting on your blogs and intend to join in on discussions on the forums. I am here for real and here to stay! To prove so, here is an exclusive article, to you, the Destructoid community. It was just typed fresh the other day and has been shared with no one else except my sister. The article will only be featured on my website (when it launches), and here:

Black Ops 2 Probation

For some this may still come as a shock, or maybe more know about the issue than I can imagine. All the same, one night past, I was playing with a group of friends when a particular message appeared on my screen after leaving a CoD: Black Ops 2 match. The team we were facing were simply grabbing us by our limbs and waving our bodies around like rag dolls. This isnt an uncommon occurrence though. As anyone who has played the Call of Duty series online knows, the match making system has degraded pretty far, with matches seeming to be thrown together simply because a match needs players. While its a little more complicated than that, the match making system of Black Ops 2 that most players seem to tolerate is atrocious by todays standards.

The system throws players onto teams that are likely already losing the match or even into a game where the team members appear to not be trying. I, like many, consider this a valid reason to leave, quit, or tactically retreat from the game. Whatever you want to call it, its one of a plethora of reasons to back out on matches. Other reasons for backing out of a GAME include, but are not limited to, a friend invites you to play with them, your pet or children need your attention, you have to go to work, youve burst into flames and may die. No matter how you look at it, there are a number of reasonable explanations for backing out of a match, even if the match making system wasnt a hot mess. Apparently the team at Treyarch feels otherwise about leaving.

That night in January, two of us were playing on split screen with the other two connecting from across the state. By most accounts, the match we had entered into was terrible, with bombs dropping on our spawn locations and the teams deaths more than doubling the number of kills. There was no purpose to staying in that arena, and leaving could allow the lobby to merge with one that would have given the opposing team a challenge. Upon leaving however, I was signed out, and on signing back in I received the message featured on the right taken with my phone.

The message told me I was in probation. While In probation I could not participate in public matches. The time was very short but from what I understand the duration can increase and last for some time. Whether the period of the probation is short or long, it does not matter. As a gamer, for a game that is far from perfect, there is no reason to apply such a penalty. Moreover, its a GAME. Its supposed to be fun and relaxing, and applying such penalties is certainly the wrong direction to be going.

As I do not have the ties and connections in the industry as sites like Destructoid, IGN, and Kotaku have, it will be far more difficult to seek answers on this issue. While I prep the site for launch I will continue to reach out to Activision customer support and update this article accordingly. Are we, as gamers going to be comfortable with our games, which we play for leisure, placing such rules on how we play? Let me know your thoughts about the issue in the comments or via PM!

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