NE: Babymetal summons Ninjala to Switch

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I "played" FarmVille

After watching the rage inducing episode of GameTrailer's Bonus Round from a few weeks ago, in which a guest stated that it was fine to buy WoW gold for real money, I became interested in a little game called FarmVille. I didn't know much...


Friends Through Gaming

This has been somewhat of a difficult entry for me to do. On one hand, it deals with something that's closely related to myself, and on the other it's something that's common to almost everyone in the gaming community. While I wanted it t...


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I've never been great at filling out these little bio things, I blame my low self-esteem. I'm a 21 year old Computer Engineering student from North Carolina. I first started lurking around D-Toid about 7-8 months ago after becoming fed-up with the "community" over at GameTrailers. I used to blog over there constantly but I haven't made the transition over yet. I'm shy D:

I'm on the internet... a lot. I enjoy reading what people have to say, keeping up with what's going on in the world of both gaming and Japan. Along with my love for gaming, I'm also very big into anime and the Japanese culture. You'll find me under the same name over on Japanator and MAL.

I began writing game reviews back around age 13/14. Unfortunately, I just didn't see much of a future in writing about video games, so I moved onto my second love of computers.