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Next Gen: Nintendo is Nintendo.

Next Gen? That sole word scares me to death. Frankly as I grew up and became an adult, as I sometimes like to call myself, I became skeptical about new generations in consoles. It took me a quite some time to buy the 3DS, and the sole purpose of it was that I finally placed faith on Nintendo and their new portable. (So I could play Zelda on the go)
Frankly I've been blown away by it, I'm still getting used to the 3D effect though.

Now, when it comes to handhelds, I normally tend to give in sooner or later. But with consoles, well thats another story.
The Xbox 8 seems just should the corner, so let's focus on that for a moment. (yes I know, the Wii U is around a tighter corner. )
Anyway, Xbox has built an amazing service that all game company's should aspire to replicate.

First of XBLA downloadable titles. I'm the type of person who likes to wait for a game to drop its price, and that tends to make me wait for far to long and because of that, sometimes I don't catch the game on shelves.
That's where this service comes in.
I think it's a god given that your able to download a game and play it directly on your Xbox HDD. Best part you can re-download any time, if you're like me and haven't bought a bigger HDD that is. If Microsoft was to make a newer console, here are the obvious questions.
Would it support blu-ray?
Would you be able to still re-download or transfer all the game you bought on XBLA?
Would it come with a wifi adapter in box?
Apart from the obvious, right now there's no possible way that Microsoft can outdo themselves, and create that hype of a newer console. I would give the Xbox 360 a year and maybe a new iteration before it comes down from shelves.

Now Sony, we're fishing deep here. At the start of the PS3 life, Sony seemed the company that wanted to please the customers the most. They were tight and center with their product. But then they updated the PS3, with new firmware that didn't allow for modifications by the end user, their company vision changed, and they took out all the features that we loved (as hackers). Mostly because they were being used for piracy.
And we all know what happened after that. They lost all the faith they had worked so hard to build on, and in their main market, Japan, they even got backslashed from the customer. I mean, and why wouldn't they?
If Sony wants to make a next gen console which I doubt it. They need to get their story straight from the start. Sony practically invented new generation. And thus, they need to do that again with the PS4.
Maybe cloud gaming is the future?
And since were on the topic, no console has had a lineup like the PS2, why did suddenly all gaming companies get lazy with their Playstation Support.

Now for Nintendo, most people think they have been doing it wrong all along.
And I wouldn't disagree,
Nintendo has always given the most love to their consoles, well, more or less. But the fact that they left the Wii to die in it's final year of life, just leaves me scratching my head. And the lack of support for the top 3 hit games in the final year of the console, just left out to die, they even made it look like a chore (Translating the games).
That type of support is what most gamers dislike, and why company's think twice before green lighting a project for Nintendo's console. Nintendo has always had its doors closed to new developers, they only work with studios that they know are not going to be troubled by them. As if their console was only to be worked on the side. I feel they don't give themselves enough credit with other company's, when forming bonds.
If they want to enter the 'hardcore' market with the Wii U there going to have to open their doors to other company's. Don't expect Capcom to reiterate all the Resident Evil games back on your new console, and Ubisoft to make Zombie U 10 and 3/4.
Instead, if you want to get into the hardcore market, you should create new IP's, exclusively for the new console.
I know it's hard to make a new franchise.
But you can't hope to make a 100 Mario games in the future. I'm not saying that's bad, I love me some Mario. But I just think Nintendo should start worrying about creating new franchises that people are gonna love, and treasure forever. Especially for the hardcore gamer.
And no, Zelda is not hardcore.
It's mainstream.

So, Xbox needs to let me import all my 360 games into the new console.
Sony needs to improve on themselves after the major technological upgrade that was the PS3, and have a massive lineup.
Nintendo, well, Nintendo is Nintendo.
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