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IMPORTANT! Web neutrality, please just watch it

Hi, Just watch the Video it might be just no big deal... but if it is we're screwed unless we start spamming this all over the place... just watch the thing ok? http://ipower.ning.com/netneutrality I'm serious... Dtoid could vanish i...


TF2, Smashd's G15 app FTW (PC)

Hi fella's and hollaa chicka's As you all know TF2 is .. well.. great But I found a way to improve the whole TF2 experience even more :) since I'm a proud owner of an G15 Logitech kboard I have the ability to run some great apps which ...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Hi all, I would like to present to you my Gaming Rig... It is my first build, I had some really shaky hands while building it. Since I haven't before done anything like building my own pc :P I had some issue's... actually a LOT of issu...


Epic reportage

check this little vid out :D it's awesome, it's not game related but still... :P check his outfit :D Epic I bet this party was awesome :P


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