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About flysofjarsone of us since 10:02 PM on 11.23.2009

I am 32 years old. Been gaming since I first played Pac Man on an Atari in grade school.
My first system was a NES and I have never looked back. I still have my Saturn & Dreamcast hooked up to give off the hardcore gamer vibe, but really my Xbox 360 is what rocks these days.
I have the Wii, but very few games on the system capture my attention for too long. The PS3, well, its a great blu-ray player. For some reason I am addicted to achievements and if the game is out on both systems I have to go with the 360 version. Hit me up on Xbox live or PSN under the screen name Jay86ed. The 86 is for my lovable losers, the Mets..of course living in ny its tough to hear about the Yanks all the time. One day we will win again!