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Xbox One: Back to the Future

Lately the Xbox One has been heavily criticized based upon the policies that Microsoft has decided to focus on going forward. �The DRM policy for games and the 24 hour check for online connectivity seem to be the two biggest focus points ...


Games I'll Remember 2012 For

We say it every year, but 2012 really was a great year for gaming. I can't remember a year in which so many great games came out. Lately everyone has been talking about The Walking Dead, with its many game of the year nominations and awar...


From Xbox to PS3

Two Xbox 360's and close to six years later, I am beginning to doubt my loyalty to Microsoft. In a world where I can enjoy all three consoles of the current generation, for me, the console battle is between which gaming machine I choose ...


Counterpoint: Red Dead Redemption

Its that time of year again: Games of the Year. Now that the results are in, 2010 seems to be just like every other year, almost every publication and video game outlet has decided upon Red Dead Redemption as the Game of the Year for 2...


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