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Dream Game: FROM Software + Metroid = Please


Dark Souls is a Metroid game.

The first game that I ever completed myself was Metroid. It was the only NES game that I owned for a while and it took me months to get through the (at the time) giant world and kill that effed up creature in a glass jar. I would later learn this was Mother Brain, but that's not really what I want to talk about today. I'm only mentioning this to disclose the fact that I have a huge soft spot for the Metroid series. Yes, I played and enjoyed The Other M.

To me, there are three main elements in a Metroid game that FROM has proven they have absolute mastery over. First and foremost, the open world. The ability to create a connected, playable environment that just feels like all of the areas are part of the same world. Second is the ability to upgrade your character via weapons and armor. This does not really need an explanation, but I will get to it later anyway. Finally, there is the artistic design of the game. This goes from the creatures to the music.

Zebes and SR388 haunt my childhood. Sometimes dark and dreary. Cracks and crevices to explore. Secrets aplenty. Lordran haunts my adulthood for the same reasons. Anyone that has played any of the first three Metroid games and Dark Souls can see the similarity. Replace bonfires with save stations perhaps? Drop the fantasy, add the sci-fi, and Lordran can make a quick change into the perfect world for Samus to get her ass beat all over.

Samus be finding weapons and upgrades. Some are harder to come across than others. Some are required to beat certain types of enemies or to access additional areas of the world. The team over at FROM that worked on Dark and Demon's Souls created an extremely robust weapon/armor upgrading system. This is something I would like to see reach a halfway point with the Metroid gear system. Perhaps adding the ability to upgrade blasters or suit defense by finding specific items hidden throughout the world or killing certain enemies. Nothing as complex as the system in Dark Souls. However, this could be something fresh that the Metroid series has not previously used.

Lonely, sometimes underground, surrounded by hideous monsters, and no orchestra is there to cheer me on. Just the sound of a dozen monsters that want me dead and my own footsteps. Music in important boss rooms and some areas of the open world, but not many. It makes the player feel alone and helps add to your dismay when you inevitably get lost. The desolation of Dark Souls would translate perfectly to a third person Metroid game. Just look at that fucking Gaping Dragon image. That enemy belongs in a Metroid game. It just does. The artists over at FROM create some of the most ridiculous creatures seen in games today. Their talent applied to a sci-fi style game could be outstanding.

I dunno. I could just be a big Metroid and Souls fan jerkin off to the fantasy of some of my favorite games coming together to form a Wii U exclusive, third person Metroid. The Prime games, while fantastic, should get a break and let Samus roam some awful planet in third person. If Nintendo were to license the Metroid IP to another studio again, FROM should get a crack at it. They have shown that they can create a nasty, interconnected, open world. Their sound and art design is exactly what I'd like to see in a new Metroid game. Who knows what kind of innovation they could bring to the series? I would sure as shit love to find out. I'd buy a WiiU yesterday for a FROM Software Metroid game. Serious.
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