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I spent far too long on this...

Hello citizens of Destructoid! I hope the evening find you all well. Thanks for stopping by! Believe it or not, this is my very first blog. If you promise to be gentle I'll do my best not to cry or bleed on your comforter. I know there i...


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My biggest obstacle when it comes to video games is finding time to finishing them. I have a stack of used games I've bought from various places for good prices but have never had time to play the damn things. Especially RPG's. Being busy as crap, my favorite genre would be one in which the games average about 50 hours...That's life I guess.

I'm a comic book fanatic so if you ever want to have a well thought out and civilized conversation about how "X character" would beat "Y character", hit me up. Just a warning though, with proper prep time, Batman always owns.

I'm also obsessed with the 80's especially the music. This gives me the unique advantage of Rickroll immunity. It actually gives me a 30% XP boost, so beware.

If you want to know anything else, just ask.

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