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20 Gameboy games in 20 Days* Day 3

*days may or may not be concurrent.

When you get a brand new gaming console, you'll usually get a few games with it. However there will always be one of those games that will be left at the wayside, it won't get as much attention as the others despite the fact it may be an awesome little game, your just busy playing other stuff. It was like that with my Wii and Super Monkey Ball, Mass Effect on my 360 and Asphalt Urban GT on my DS. And thus the Gameboy was no exception to this rule. The game was one based on a sport that has once been called a good walk spoiled.

Of the 4 games I got when I first got my Gameboy Golf was the one I cared the least for. Lets face it when you get 2 licensed platform games, the most addictive puzzle game ever and a game based on Golf, which ones are you gonna play the most? Unless you are a retired Golfer who can no longer walk and spends your days sitting and recalling your wonder years I would say Golf may not have been your answer. Having said that Golf was not a bad game, it was also not a great game it was what it is, and thats a game were you play Golf.

This game was one of the very first titles out for the Gameboy and like many sport games of the time, instead of being called Greg Normans Golf or Mario's Super Golf it had the totally original name of Golf. At least with a title like that you knew what you were getting, a game about playing Golf, nothing more and nothing less. When you start the game up you get your choice of 2 course, Japan and USA, giving you 18 holes in each course. Hell for a 1st gen Gameboy game I think 18 holes would have been fine, I'll give them credit for going full in with 36 holes all up. After you selected your course an awesome little cutscene which also happens to be the most action packed scene in the whole game. Two Golfers outside a Golf Club with the word “Fight” Flashing above their heads and then they go to play golf.

I may be sounding a little too negative on the game, its not a bad game per say, its just not my kind of game. I never seemed to do too well in golf video games, I would always hit the ball too hard, over shoot stuff, land in a bunker or in the Water. I was the Happy Gilmore of golf games, great at getting the ball near the green, its just my short game that was pure and utter fail. And I would never know which club to use in the right situation, I always liked the 1 Wood as it was the one that would get me the furthest. As a result I never did that well in the game, I think the best I got in those early days was a Bogey. I can remember for some reason in my stupid child mind I always thought an Eagle was if you got the ball in the hole from outside the green, lets just say my scores were appalling.

So it was that when my little brother got his own Gameboy I gave him out of the goodness of my own heart this game. Yes I would miss it, yes I don't know how I lived without it but I coped. Maybe had I just gotten this game and Tetris with my Gameboy things may have ended up differently for me and Golf. Then again perhaps not as I just would of played Tetris more, and who can blame me, the game is just freaken awesome. As I said Golf was a good game, it just wasn't a game for me,

Anyway just letting you know expect part 4 on Monday (Aus time, so I guess late Sunday everywhere else), the next game is gonna be a big one and it might take awhile for the play through to refresh my memories, so until then, ummmm Keep watching the Skies.........I dunno, peace out peeps.
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