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20 Gameboy Games in 20 Days* Day 1

*Days may or may not be concurrent

So while I'm in the swing of things with all things Gameboy related I may as well take a look back down memory lane and look at the games that shaped my experience with the system. By no means are these the top 20 Gameboy games (some of them do rock so god damn hard and I would class them as the best), these are the games I had, the ones I played on the system and the ones I remember the most.

I guess it makes the most sense to start with Tetris as it is the game that most people would remember playing on their Gameboy. Lets face it this game sold the Gameboy to people everywhere. It was most likely the one of the smartest moves in video game history to pack this game in with the original unit. Its the same as Nintendo is doing now with the Wii. For a lot of people (non traditional gamers) buying the Wii is just a means to owning Wii sports. I'm sure this was the same with the Gameboy and Tetris. It was a way for people to play Tetris on the go and oh while your here why not check out these other fine games. This game was the gateway drug for the Gameboy that would then lead you on to heavier and better stuff.

Its almost as if Tetris was designed for the Gameboy or just handhelds in general. The game had been out for 4 years prior to the Gameboy and up until then I feel the game would have been trying to find a system to call its home. It had appeared on any number of PC formats in the late 80's but on the Gameboy it had truly found its home. I would imagine most people would think of the Gameboy when they think of Tetris, well that is until Tetris DS came out and became the single best version of Tetris ever. Its really hard to find a fault with the game, everything about it works soo well with the limitations of the system. It loks great and to this day hasn't aged abit. It plays as well as ever, might be abit hard for those of us who are used to having all the little nice stuff they added in the Tetris in the years (seeing 5 pieces ahead, infinite spin and so on) & the music, my god the music is awesome. It would have to be one of the most iconic video game themes ever right next to the original Super Mario bros theme.

I have many great memories of playing this game over the year, like that of it being the only game my mother would play on the Gameboy, something I'm sure many of us who grew up on the Gameboy will share. But the main memory that stands out in my mind is that of the multiplayer. When I was younger my family used to live in a country town in the South West of Western Australia, it would be a 2 hour drive to the main city in West Aus, Perth. Shortly after I got my Gameboy due to my brother and myself always fighting over MY Gameboy, my parents bought my little brother a Gameboy of his own and with that came another copy of Tetris. The 2 hour drive would just fly by with us playing Tetris against each other in the back of the car. Every now and then my mum would take a Gameboy from one of us and verse the other in a battle or 2.

Its funny when I look at it how much I enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of Tetris yet for a lot of my gaming life I've shyed away from paying with others. For me gaming was my chance to escape and be on my own with my video game land friends. But those memories of playing Tetris when I was a child are some of the strongest and fondest memories I ever had. You know I think next time my brother is over I'll need to crack out some muliplayer Tetris, or maybe hope online and play some Tetris DS. DAMN YOU NOSTALGIA!!!

aww crap and I was doing soo well

Anyway Tetris is an awesome game, we all know this and its one of those games like Super Mario Kart that I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who hates on it.
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