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10 Years of Neo Geo Pocket Color

2009 seems to be the year of Handheld system anniversaries , we've had the 20 year birthday of the Game Boy, Wonderswan turned 10 back in March, the Atari Lynx is gonna be 20 in September and this week marks the 10 year birthday of the most awesome little Handheld system not made by Nintendo coming to the US, the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

So I'm in Australia, we never had the Neo Geo Pocket released down here, it was one of those systems like the Turbo that we only heard about in foreign Video Game mags. I never got a chance to enjoy one and I'm not sure if I would of, I was and guess I am a rather hardcore Nintendo fanboy and would not have a slice of anything non Nintendo related back then. At least I have matured enough of the last few years where I am fine with playing other stuff, anyway I digress. So yeah all I knew about the Neo Geo Pocket was that it had a crap load of Fighting games on it as well as Sonic (another reason me being the Nintendo fanboy I was to look down on it).

Years went by and I never really paid much attention to the Neo Geo Pocket, I did kind of always want one as it looked really cool, but as time went on it faded into the background. Fast forward to a few months back when the Game Boy had its 20th birthday and I really started getting back into all things Handheld gaming (well I've always been a Handheld gamer but it was only really a few months back I realised it and embraced it), I was buying Game Boy games left and right and then I got a sudden urge to buy a Neo Geo Pocket off ebay. Found a really nice looking clear one got it off ebay 2 weeks later it arrived.

The system feels awesome, just the right weight, I'm in love with the little dpad nub feels soo good I can see why Fighters work so well for it. I've only got Samurai Showdown 2 for it so far and I haven't played that much of it only due to the fact that I need to replace the internal battery for the system, but I've been told thats not a hard thing to do. I'm waiting on the Metal Slug games to arrive and I also just bought a massive stack of 11 games for 40 bucks US so I'm looking forward to my future of discovering all the great things about the Neo Geo Pocket. Its such an awesome little system and it would of been interesting to see how things would of played out had it been noticed for the awesome little system it is.

Its such a shame the way everything ended up for it with SNK getting bought out and then the Pocket getting killed off in the States. So heres to you Neo Geo Pocket Color, you are a fantastic little system and really deserved more then what you got. Granted your time on this world was short but damn what a hell of a time it was.
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