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STFU Documentary

I made a 36 minute documentary about a bunch of freaks that got together to play each other their silly computer music. From KidQuaalude, who loves to perform with two classic Gameboys (you can crossfade and the old ones have more bass) t...


My Gaming Space..

....is also my workspace. I stitched the image together from three shots. here's a direct link to the JPG in case you can't see it all in the attached image (posting the pic within the post breaks the site layout): http://regicide.org/pic...


Burnout Paradise anticipation

The reviews are starting to trickle in and I'm really looking forward to getting my grubby hands on Burnout Paradise next week. I've been devouring the demo and love the open concept and most of all, the multiplayer. Having a few people o...


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Developed and released in 1978
First gaming platform: Atari 800XL
First console: Sega Dreamcast (came to console gaming pretty late)
Favourite developer: Anything by the old Origin Systems crew (Wing Commander, Ultima, Crusader..)
Recent favourites: Bioshock, CoD4, Burnout Paradise, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Apart from playing games I make electronic music, run a music label and work as freelance video editor and graphic designer.

My PSN ID: filarion