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Dog Blog (NVGR)

First up, I'm going to establish a (very tenuous) link to videogames, for what is about to follow. Games with Dogs in them: Nintendogs Fable 2 Fallout 3 Duck Hunt And now, because I feel like sharing, some photos of my dogs, Cedric and A...


My 5 favorite videogame media

Over the last couple years, theres been what I can only describe as a fantastic surge in gamers beginning to take their hobby - often a solitary, lone wolf type experience, and turn it into shows, comics and podcasts. Usually completely sel...


Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Broken down into easy to digest portions. This is written with the assumption you have read other reviews and seen or played the game. I don't explain the nitty gritty, just give my opinion. Gameplay You know by now what is common knowl...


Good times with Final Fantasy

In preparation for FFXIII, as I do with every imminent Final Fantasy release, I have replayed all the prior games, either as far in as I can be bothered or in the case of my favorites, all the way through. One could say I am utterly gay for...


About fightmejimmyone of us since 7:49 AM on 12.21.2009

I am Australian, living in the countryside. Theres not much else to do here except work and play videogames. When the videogames allow, I might write a blog from time to time. Most of them will be about Final Fantasy, sorry.