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About feliponzone of us since 9:09 PM on 02.25.2009

Name: Felipe
Status: Married
Origins: Lima, Peru.
Currently in: Aliso Viejo, CA.

Peruvian. Video game aficionado; so much in fact that I ended up going to school for Video game Art and Design in San Diego, CA. Graduated about a year ago, worked for a bit for some animation company in Peru and then for a game company called City-Interactive. Then moved back to California, got married and now I'm currently doing whatever I can until my work permit comes in the mail so I can get back to making videgame stuff.

Also, I've been playing video-games since the Atari days (even though I was like 4 when I had one). Went through all the Nintendo consoles except the Gamecube, Playstations one and two -saving up for the PS3- and ended up succumbing to the fact that there are more titles out and got a 360...

As to which games I play, hmm a bit of everything I suppose. Fighters, FPS's, RPG's, platformers, adventure games, etc.
Among my favorites:

Monkey Island series
Grim Fandango
Full Throttle
Leisure Suit Larry 7

Unreal Tournament 2004
Quake III
CoD series
Jedi Knight series (is it a FPS? 3rd Person shooter? dunno, but the 2nd one was the 'bestest')
Alien vs. Predator 2
Half-Life (I'm ashamed to admit I never beat HL1, but I did beat HL2 and its subsequent episodes)

Chrono Trigger (my favorite of all time)
Final Fantasies (7 and below, not a big fan of the newer ones)
Baldur's Gate I & II
KOTOR 1 & 2
Mass Effect

Street Fighter series (2, 3rd Strike and IV mostly)
Soul Calibur series


Currently playing: EVE-Online, God of War 1