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What's Next For God of War

SPOILER ALERT: Some of the content posted above includes GOD OF WAR 3 spoilers. This Thursday Sony will be hosting a big Ps4 launch event hosted by Geoff Keighley who has already confirmed that we should expect new content to be annou...


Why I can't get into modern Final Fantasy games.

To a lot of people, this generation was the downfall of Square Enix as the flagship of japanese developers and the downfall of the Final Fantasy franchise. Some might argue this started back in the Ps2 era with FFX-2 but I just count that o...


I miss the "old" weapon system in online shooters.

Over the past few days I've been playing a lot of the multiplayer mode of The Last of US. I didn't really play it much when I got the game but a few friends bought it recently so I decided to join them and give the MP another try and I was...


About fbhone of us since 3:20 PM on 10.13.2010


I'm Fbh.
I've been a gamer since, well, allways.
I remember playing NES game back when I was a Kid but I'll have to admit that it wasn't until the Ps1 era (when I was a bit older) that I really got into gaming.

Gaming is just and essential part of me, and while I do enjoy doing other stuff I couldn't imagine my life without gaming in it.

PS: As might have guessed, english isn't my main language, but I do enjoy posting in english sites ( it helps me practice my english... and talking about videogames is allways fun)