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About faildozerone of us since 9:57 PM on 10.06.2010

I'm still stuck in the past a bit. I have no regrets living without a game system newer than 7 years old,

Favourite games:
Legend of Legaia, Wild Arms I&II, FFVI, FFXII, Metal Gear series, Streets of Rage, Puyo Puyo, Rhythm games, King of Fighters series, Brave Fencer Musashi, Odin Sphere, Radiata Stories, Soul Calibur 1 & 3

Favourite systems:
Genesis, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PSP, SNES

Games I'm playing now:
COD6, Radiata Stories, Soul Calibur 3

Newest games added to my library:
ICO, Radiata Stories, Soul Calibur 3, MGS2:Substance, Arcana Heart

Games I program and do art/mods for:
FoFiX, UlDunAd, Java Final Fantasy 1 Battle System
All games can be found on my github
Steam ID:nhydock


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