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The biggest gamble of my life

Well i know what im up against, it's a heart defect that has worsened. I always had a problem with running for extended periods of time or strenous exercise but wrote it off since i played games often and didnt exercise much for long periods of time. Being at my new job ive had to work in more strenous enviroments than before the problem now seems evident.

Im sorry, im sure that makes little sense, let me break it down, theres a hole in my heart and it needs to be fixed. after the blood test came back with no obvious problems an x-ray was performed and the hole was found. I now face a choice, i can either get the procedure done or eventually i will pass away from this. The big problem i face is that the doctor gives me 60/40. While the odds are in my favor they are still stacked higher than normal.

I sat in the bed just thinking on this for awhile and kay asked me what i thought and i said i dont know, i've had fiancee, my parents could use the insurance money, maybe i shouldn't get it done, to which she slapped the shit out of me and stormed out half in tears which surprised me. She did come back and we both apologized, i guess i learned no matter how lonely you may be, there will always be someone who'll miss you.

So im gonna have it done, long story short, nothing ventured nothing gained.

i've given my information to my friend chelsea so if anything does go wrong she will be able to inform everyone and close out my online accounts etc. I keep thinking im in some freaking movie and i will just wake up but it's beyond real now. well everyone, it's been awesome talkin with you and with all due luck i'll be able to chat again this weekend, but just in case i wanted to thank the following for setting me onto awesome games.

lords of thunder
alien storm
mega turrican
and a good couple more i cant seem to remember right now thanks to the drugs im on.

lords of thunder
perfect cherry blossom
warning forver
trigger heart excelica
more i cant remember

phantasy star 1,2,4
lost odyssey
i KNOW theres more but again, the drugs.

i know theres at least 4 but i cant seem to think of them.

the red star

when or if i get better i will totally write down all of them and post them , for now the room is spinning so i need to put laptop down for now. hope to see you all again soon,

evil chad out.
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