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Summon Night: Twin Age review.

At last i have gotten my hands on and completed summon night for the ds and i must say this series continues to impress/depress me. Anytime i think "Hey, these guys, they've got gold here." SOMETHING has to popup and make me curse my stupid stylus.

The presentation on this game is just completely engaging and fun the music is pretty good save a few songs and more importantly the characters draw you into the story as long as you are cool with anime style games and storylines.

Some people will have the normal fetch quest type thing for you...luckily they can be ignored but sometimes the rewards are well worth it. Too bad they don't always tell you where to get the needed item.

Summon night uses the stylus almost exclusively by tapping on your"command pallette" you can select your spells, items, conjure beasts, etc. but in the midst of battle it could be like playing wheres waldo while being punched in the arm.

QUICK!!! find your teammates and heal them in this massive fracas!

Summon night keeps the creation aspect of the former titles but finding the materials can be difficult unless you bought a guide, otherwise you might be wandering seperate areas for hours.

Creating weapons will save you big money but could leave you holding outdatedweapons.

In the end summon night hurts itself really bad by being waaaay too predictable. Each level falls the same exact way most every time. fight for two or three screens, save point, two or three more screens, another save point and boss. By the later levels i was just really running through as fast as i can trying to find out what happens next in the story.

My final "recommendation" for this game is the later spells could take upwards of 25 seconds to fully cast and while you may just say "don't use that spell!" i would yell back that it really rocks and i really want to use it but wish it had a skip animation option.

For all the nasty things i have said about this game i must say i simply love it, lot's of charm, great story, great battles and customizable skill trees this side of games like diablo 2 make this a game you should really try if you like this sorta game.

Evil chad' patented love meter ranks in 7.5 out of 10.

Im off to experiment with sterno, a cigarette lighter, and a bush of flowers..... FOR SCIENCE!!!
evil chad OUT!
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