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overhype or inadequacy?

Well i should totally win some kind of worst timing ever award seeing as how as of late events have conspired to keep me from posting on a regular basis, first a complication from surgeory then my primary access to the internet being taken away as my friend went on vacation..... i wont turn this into a live journal entry though. instead im going to just jump back into true form once again.

Do you feel inadequate?

Do you finish early leaving your games wanting more?

Are you not giving the games in your life the attention they deserve?

You may have a condition called H.A.L.O.S (hyped and anticipated latencey overdrone syndrome).
only your good buddy evil chad can tell you if you have this disorder and prescribe you the appropriate prescription/aromatherapy product/sexual deviance object to fix this terrible disease.

Seriously though, why exactly did many gamers pick up their battle rifles only to lay them back down moments later to join the modern warfare machine of cod 4, why did everyone in almost every facet splooge all over gta 4 and then just go meh, and pop the disc back in the case the next couple days later? my theory? Overhype.

The last couple years have seen the most insignificant news story from outlets like the gamespot and ign mainly because the studios were doing halo 3, gta 4, etc add to that the hype from non gaming press such as the douchebag known as lev grossman writing up his picks for goty with halo 3 being at the very top.

Honestly i have fallen into a bit of a gaming rut thanks to the outsider audience going batshit insane over halo 3, gta 4, rock band, guitar hero 3, etc. In bungie's case i probably shouldn't be too angry mainly because they have been freed from m$'s chains and may make something that doesn't involve a super soldier.... maybe a myth 3... but this is getting kind of off topic. why do you think these super anticipated titles were picked up and then dropped just as quick in the grand scheme of things?

My internet exile has let me come up with many many articles and so anytime i get near a net connection youll see a new article from me straight from the interwebs.

Im off to enforce godwins law on the official disney forums.....
evil chad OUT!
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