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Gamings maturity..... PART 2!!!!1

What a way to open an article about writing and maturity eh? The most unusual thing about the internet is that anyone can have their opinion read nowadays without any sort of context or requirements. The only troubling thing about that is some of the internet's writers are better than the paid writers who make writing their career.

No more procrastination, gaming press is NEVER going to reach a nirvana wonderland where impropriety no longer exists and money never changes hands for ads before the game is determined to be worthy or even a standard set of review criteria.

Take a deep breath.

Now that we all have accepted this let me destroy your misconceptions that the other outlets for media are somehow better.

Incident 1. - A local reporter began writing an article about a recall on a certain vehicle model and accidents that were possbly caused by the recall. the paper he was writing for had ads for the vehicle company in question and the stroy was dropped to a single line statment about the recall placed on the last page they possibly could put it on.

Incident 2. - some big name movie reviewers are snubbed from some movie screenings for fear they may write something negative, furthermore, some reviewers are asked if they want a certain quote.
EX: PR "would you like to say this is a feel good movie for the whole family?"
Reviewer "yes, that is my quote."

Incident 3. - An entertainment mag wrote something negative about a certain unnamed musical "artist" and the artist blacklisted the mag preventing further coverage.

Incident 4. - stupid mass effect fox news whore.

The idea we look up to other media outlets for integrity and how to do our jobs is really really stupid. Think about that the next time you hear about some stupid game reviewer talking about how we have so far to go before we get to the level of movie media outlets.

In the next and final chapter i shall go through what i believe could be done to keep us going in the right direction.

evil chad........OUT!
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