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Games as sports?

One thing every culture does to justify a particular habit or lifestyle which is not normally considered "cool" or "hip" or "healthy" is to change the context of the activity and sports is usually the first idea to comeup.

I like the idea that games are really truly extremely important but lemme just say this now to clear everything up especially if you are concerned or are engaged in debate on the subject.


Nothing gets your point across like ALLCAPS and 24 point font. You may even place this in your sig or on your page if you wish to show people how wrong they are.

As much as i would love to say that games are sports and that pantheons should be erected for video games and the competiton there of..... they aren't fucking sports.

If you've deluded yourself to the point where you think games are sports please place a generous amount of chloroform on your dirty rag of choice and inhale until you pass out and when you wake up minutes later, throw your halo tournament edition controller in the garbage.

In all honesty there is a POSSIBLE timeline in SOME distant dimension where games COULD be sports but it's far far away from now.... especially not halo. There is no real justification for games being sports, they aren't physically challenging, gaming is not mainstream enough yet, and most importantly, games are a leisure activity .... while technically football is a leisure activity as well, it's physically challenging too so nyah.

If anyone has any really good arguements as to why games are sports and you think it could a for real arguement, i'd love to hear it.....
in the meantime i'm off to cover as many rabbits in nair as i can within a five minute time span while awaiting september 29th. (kirby super star ultra ds BA-BY!!!!!!!)

evil chad OUT
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