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the game beat bow wow @ madden.

now i have to say right now. i cannot tolerate bow wow at all. i think he's like 23 now and he's still calling himself bow wow. game. he's cool. i got both his albums and i dig em.

but here's how it starts. i'll go through everything.

not safe work for random n-words and curse words and bow wow's fucking face.

game replies live from his tour bus. game also says if he wins, he wants 100k and singer ciara to pleasure everybody on the tour bus. with her mouth. smh. now i'm not saying that i would turn down a good bobby knobby from ciara...but i definitely wouldn't share her.

bow wow posts up. literally a couple of hours later and he's apparently like...getting a rectal exam? dude sit down. nws because it's bow wow again. the hubris on this kid.

game replies. once again starting his video with "yeeeah lil nigga" i have to admit. that shit is pretty funny. and lol @ the bus driver.

then here's the showdown. game says "i came to kill a puppy". these guys are hilarious.

then the post game shit talking. which is too hilarious for words to even describe on a human level.

i swear. i love hip hop. at least they're not shooting at each other or making dumb videos with guns and or weed in them.
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i'm a late 20s gamer for an affinity for the retro stuff. old school but still love the new school games. i currently own a ps3 and a wii. don't ask why i don't have a 360 yet. maybe because i'm a masochist.

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i curse too much. drink beer 3-4 nights out of the week. work for a computer store. and play emulated games all the damned time.