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The most depressing game gifts ever

We all know that feeling of begging your parents or relatives for the shiny new game for Christmas or a birthday. You beg and plead and drill the name in their head to the point were even you get tired of mentioning it. Once the fateful day comes you are practically shaking with anticipation. You open that gift and get it! An extreme rush of joy comes over you and itís the best day of your life (until the next gift giving day). The sad thing is growing up this didnít always exactly work out the way we plan it and we can get games that canít actually be some of the most depressing gifts ever. So here are seven of the most depressing gaming gifts you can ever get besides the obvious you didnít get one.

1. A Game system with no games

Imagine you unwrap that shiny new gift and OMG ITíS A N64!!!!: D:D You quickly realize that something has gone horribly wrong. You got the new game system but they forgot to get you games for it! Utter disappointment comes crashing down. You are stuck you canít complain because the thing was probably way too much for a gift to begin with. You probably wonít be able to beg for a new game until your parents can no longer bring up that you just had Christmas. So you are forced sit there a stare at the system for possibly weeks on end.

2. No memory card!

Not as bad as not receiving a game but still just as heart breaking. With the fifth and sixth generation of system a new device was suddenly needed to save your progress. Your game gifter isnít likely to be up to date on this knowledge and probably didnít realize you need a memory card. Now you can play final fantasy 7 all you want but youíll be forced to start over and over again and if you try to leave it on youíll no doubt get the fire hazard excuse. Hopefully you have a different game to accompany that RPG or else itís going to be sad day.

3. A game you already own

Maybe your relatives of heard you talking a lot about a particular game and couldnít wait to buy it for you as a gift. Thereís only one small problem, you got that game months ago! Now youíre stuck with yet another copy of super Mario world and absolutely nothing to do with it. If your lucky you could trade it but when do we ever break even on those trade and if the gift giver is actually present feigning excitement is going to challenge your sense of acting.

4. A Game for system you donít own.

Multisystem games have been great for when you only had one system. They however can be a pitfall when it comes to gift. You told them time and time again what game you wanted but if you didnít stress the system you could end with the game you wanted but on the wrong system. Hopefully you can get it exchange, but now you have to wait a day longer for to play that game youíve been waiting for and once youíve been counting down the days until you get it another day can seem like forever.

5. A pc game your computer canít handle

Getting the wrong game can be an easy fix but having to upgrade your graphics card can be an entirely different story. This is very depressing not only did you get exactly what you wanted but you canít even play it! It will probably take A LOT of convincing or just luck to get something that can handle it. The only thing that could make it worse is if multiple things are wrong that make you canít run it. In this situation you might as well go back to bed and cry.

6. The game case is empty!

Iíve actually bought games that are new and are still wrapped only to discover there is no game inside the case! What if that gift gets bought a month and advance and you couldnít even bring it back! This is probably the worst because you get the game and you open it up to find absolutely nothing just and empty holder and manual that teases you like nothing else ever could. Honestly, if this ever happened to me I would probably start to cry.

7. A Gamestop gift card for ten dollars

This is coming for my experience last Christmas. My friend got me a ten dollar gift card to Gamestop. Why I love her to death for thinking of me. A Gamestop gift card was probably one of the most disappointing gifts I ever got. For one nothing new or even used ever costs ten dollars. So I could either look at it like a coupon or a bill for a minimum of twenty dollars or possibly fifty! On top of all that Iím forced to go into Gamestop which is in my opinion the worst place to buy videogames. I still havenít used that card and I doubt I ever will.

Only the last thing ever happened to me and Iím very thankful for that. So has any of you ever had one of these things actually happen or do you have a situation that I didnít think of?

(Thanks goes to ProfPew and EDS for inspiring me to write this
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