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Reflections, Reviews, Whatever

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Water Effects: A comparison

Everyone knows that for a game to look good, the water/ocean/sea/river/body of water has to look realistic. The better it looks, the more recent the game is. I came across a bunch of screenshots of water, back in the day, and now. Its reall...


Are People THIS Stupid?

Normally I would post a video then have a long and well thought out paragraph explaining my perspectives, but this one just is too much. And yes, I do know that Are you smarter than a 5th grader is just a scheme to humiliate rednecks and...


Pokemon is so unrealistic

So I didn't add the accent on the e, sue me. My brother decided to have a marathon and watched all the old Pokemon episodes together. Not that "Johto" or Master League bullcrap, I'm talking about the old Pokemon that didn't suck (as hard.)...


Which Guitar Hero was YOUR favorite?

With the latest Guitar Hero game coming out, I thought It'd be nice to go down memory lane. I picked up my Guitar Hero 1 disc, blew off the dust, and returned to the song that haunted me, Cheating on the Church. I beat it, not the best scor...


About eskione of us since 11:32 AM on 10.20.2007

I'm into a bit of everything. At the moment I only have a PS2 and a Gamecube, but I'm hoping to get a job soon, so I can start collecting more stuff. I'm a very big Super Smash Brothers Melee player, and I've been playing the game almost at a competitive level for a year now.

I'm here just to read/try to spread the word of gaming around, I've been just recently introduced to Destructoid, so I consider myself a newbie. I do however hope to become a regular in this community.