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Halo 3 is disappointing, but nice looking

Watching the first 20 minutes of Halo 3 played by a whore I couldn't help but be reminded of a mime I saw on American Idol a few nights ago. HEY I DON'T WATCH IT OK! (JOKE ALERT) I just happened to be flipping through the channels when my remote ran out of batteries! (seriously I don't watch that show ok)

Now, the thing about Halo 3 is that it seemed, more or less, like a mime. Of course, it was a very nice-modeled, well-rendered mime with nice stripes, but nothing more. The game, much like my mute-deaf cousin who is stupid and dead, lacks life.

The gameplay looks like your standard Third-person fare, which is to say that I didn't see anything great or remarkable. There's a variety of weapons and abilities to use, but my pussy didn't get wet or tight because of them. Gameplay is kind of hard to judge with a blindfold on and hopped up on goofballs or an actual controller in my hands, so I'm going to reserve judgment on that.

But here's my judgment anyway.

At worst, Halo 3 is disappointing. The best reaction I've heard all day was this: "It wasn't that bad, just more of the same." If "not that bad" is all you've got going for you ...

Ho hum.
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