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Hello every one in the world(s) that reads this and how are you doing.While i've been gone i got some facts about the latist gaming crap.Some of it might be from ign or G.I but i dont remember.but i know that in gears of war 3 there is alot more chain saw fights.also,it has some cool maps and bonus maps for vs or fire fight.there are some new charicters that i wont tell you about because i dont want to completly spoil it.Of course better graphics and a hella creapy level where there are f***ing rock frozen people...well,thats what i saw in the trailer

I think they should make a new 50 cent game because those games are awesome.its almost like grand theft auto but you play with some one real and hes realy awesome in so many differant ways.inbullet proof that i havent played for like 4 years now im pretty sure you can chace of drug dealers or kill other gang members 'cause i think your a blood.also if they made a rapping game sourta like rock band singing or karoke but your rapping to eminem or T.I. or jay z or some one realy epic.

I hear that portal 2 is realy random-actualy i know its realy random because your after a cake,the last cake in the world,or maybe it was a differant game.ok,on the 19 of this month duke nukem AND portal comes out and im gunna have a ''big frikkin party''

PEACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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