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Bonk It's about damn time Valve! Valve appears to be releasing info in the style of the heavy update; little by little. I already don't like what I see though. The first weapon they are showing is "the Sandman". It's a baseball bat t...


Onigiri Riceball: The game

I found this sweet little game where you are a riceball with a seaweed hookshot thing. The objective is simple, with your only goal being to reach the magical white door. What is behind that door? Well, there are some questions best le...


About emileone of us since 9:56 AM on 04.26.2008

I don't sleep sometimes. So pigmask told me to join this site oh god I have no idea what I'm doing. I like to draw stuff, play video games, hang with friends, and other stuff. I do some graffiti now and then, it's lots of fun. :D Also, the Mother series is absolutely amazing.

Play some games with me sometime!