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About eltonpr0none of us since 5:05 PM on 11.03.2010

I am a British old grumpy hack of a gamer. Never happy, and quite often hungover.

Genres I love - FPS, MMO, RPG, 3rd Person Shooters and Survival Horrors.
Genres I used to love - 2d Fighters, Flight Simulation, and Racers [with the exception of Ridge]

Pet Loves - Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, Halo and Killzone
Pet Hates - Chumps who think the FPS genre begins and ends with Call of Duty.
- Chumps who purely buy a new generation console for Fifa.

Kinda bored with now - Achievement and Trophy whoring. I will pick both up, but I don't see the point in grinding out something purely for a ding. That is what I play WOW for;p

Current platforms of choice are the 360, and the PS3. My PC I only use for MMO games now. I do have a Wii but it is seldom on.

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