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Thank you PCZone for you're worthless gift

I skipped down to the news agents today with a penny in my hand to buy the latest PCZone magazine. And this month I get a free game with it, SWEET!

I'm not really into MMORPG's but ill give this one a go since Mad Max is the man and now i can mow down people with my crazy ride.

but on the walk home i remember reading somthing about this game a while ago (not it sucking, i knew that), i get home go on wikipedia and there it is

"The game servers were shut down on August 31, 2007, and players were no longer billed.[1][2][3] NetDevil issued a statement shortly after the shutdown news, citing an agreement with NCsoft to buy out the IP rights was not reached. [4]"

so again thanks PCZone.
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