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Fallout: New Vegas Review

I never got a chance to play New Vegas when it released back in 2010, mostly because I was still playing Fallout 3. A couple of weeks, it became backwards compatible on Xbox One, so I decided to give it a go. It's an overall improveme...


Ugly Current Gen Games

People usually say, you can't judge a book by its cover, but I ask, what if that cover looks like a PS2 game and they're charging me 60 bucks for it? Can I judge it then? We're currently two years into this generation, Xbox One and PS...


Signs of Gaming Addiction

Being addicted to a game is something that has happened to all gamers, some are just too shy to admit it. Addiction is a scary word, it means you live and breathe for whatever you're currently addicted, like tacos, collecting stu...


DICE, Where's Bad Company?

With Battlefield 1 on the way, it got me thinking about the first time I played a Battlefield game, for me it was the first Bad Company, it had humor, explosions and lots of destruction. So DICE, I know you're not reading, but please b...


Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review

Far Harbor is Fallout's first expansion, unlike Automatron it delivers more fallout fun albeit at an expensive price.  The story starts with you investigating a missing person case from Nick Valentine, after some pretty straightf...


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Hey you, so I've been writing game reviews for like 4 years now. I posted them on GameInformer and Youtube but now decided to try Destructoid. Love gaming, wish I could game while gaming.

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